Key Achievements

The existence of revitalized and strengthened women’s organizations at the grassroots level that are actively involved in policy making processes in 8 districts. In Pati and Grobogan (Central Java Province) for example, there are grassroots-level women’s groups that are involved in claiming their rights related to the government’s poverty reduction program. In Bakah –Blora women’s groups are established to work with government to deliver it’s to conduct public education on sexual and reproductive rights.

Community views have been incorporated in local government policy in Kulon Progo and Purworejo district, as a result of conducting participatory gender/minority group audits of Jampersal (state-funded universal coverage for childbirth). For example, as a result of Aksara’s input the Health Sector Department in Kulon Progo has been consulting with grassroots-level women’s groups to ensure the relevance of the media campaign with regards to women’s needs.

Producing media for change:

  • Books – Refused to Surrender: Gender, Agency and Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Policy briefs
  • Movies – including the documentary movie ‘Faces of Resiliency’.
  • In 2010, Aksara was the editor for the manual for training on local gender responsive budgeting, published by the Ministry of Women Empowerment.

Developing models for public, private, and people partnerships for disaster risk reduction in 3 districts in East Java. In Pacitan for example, local enterprises are committed to support community project for disaster preparedness. In Pasuruan district, the local government has agreed to fund government projects responding to community needs for disaster mitigation and preparedness.

As a result of policy advocacy and delivering consultancy services there are gender and other marginalized groups analysis and gender/marginalized groups budget statements in annexes of annual government budget in Jogjakarta Special Province, Sleman District and Jogjakarta municipalities. At the basic level, for each section in each government sector, these produce a budget-line, which is informed by gender analysis and gender budget statements. In the Public Library department, for example, concrete action has been put in place to increase accessibility for disabled people by building ramps and delivering more books for the blind.